The 2016 Fair

The first Chicago Grown Up Science Fair was held on April 20, 2016 at the Northerly Island field house. The Facebook event for the fair is here.

What do worms eat and how do they make soil?


Illinois Fossils: Why different colors?

This is how the project’s creator described his project:

Midwestern fossils and rocks are not all the same color – even the same kind of animal appears in browner shades in the middle of Illinois than at its edges, browner in the middle of Michigan than at its edges. What’s going on? Learn how geologic maps help us understand the ancient environments that have shaped life and fossilization for the Midwest’s animals and plants.

What is paint?

Does coffee stress me out?

This experiment by Geoff Hing used a fitness tracker to record his average resting heart rate. He tracked his coffee consumption in a spreadsheet and used Python code to see if there was a correlation between greater coffee consumption and heightened average resting heart rate.

You can read more about the project and view the data analysis here.

This machine runs on bicycle power?

Brix testing

Judged by children

Flipping the script on a youth science fair, the Grown Up Science Fair was “judged” by children participating in a Chicago Park District spring break day camp. They awarded their favorite projects with drawings like this one.